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More babbling from me.

I swear I'll stop posting in the comm soon, I just don't want to make any huge changes that will piss anybody off without putting it up for discussion first (or during). ^_^

I've cleaned up and edited the community info. If everyone could take a look in their spare time and let me know what they think, that'd be great. It is still a work in progress, and I will be making more changes as time goes on and I think of them.

If I've accidentally (or intentionally) taken your character off the list, it's because A) you have told me you won't be posting any longer, B) you have given up that character for adoption, or C) you haven't posted in a million years and I assumed you'd moved on. If it's C and I'm wrong, please re-apply. Chances are you'll get it.

To address some questions that I was asked in the screened comments from last post:
1. Who is staying and who is leaving? The staying/leaving or whatever is up to the players to announce, not me. If a player does not want to announce that they are leaving, it's cool. I just ask that they get in touch with me first and I'll update the userinfo.
2. Is there a deadline to decide who is staying and who is leaving? Nah. Just keep on playing as you have been and let the changes happen around you. If you leave, you leave, if you stay, you stay, if you're a lurker or past player and you come back, you come back. :) It's all good, but if you're not on the list, remember to re-apply.
3. What will happen in-game if people leave? If characters leave, usually they continue in stasis as they have been. For example, if I were leaving, my Obi-Wan would continue teaching his classes, taking care of his pets and family, and going on occasional missions. At least until someone else decided to take him on and drastically change that. (No, I'm not giving up Obi-Wan. :P) If it's a lot of characters and it causes vast explosions, then we'll come up with something.

I would like to point at number 9 in the community rules once more, just to keep everybody on the same page. And if you're too lazy to check it (I would be >D ), I'll put it here. "No out-of-character drama." If you're feeling the angst because somebody said something offhand that pissed you off on a deep personal level and you're ready to take your toys and flounce, drop me a line first and I'll see what I can do to help sort it out. ^_^;

If you have any questions, comments or rants, leave them in the comments and we'll talk. Comments are screened, so bitch all you like. :)

Again, thank you guys for your help.
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