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The Star Wars Crack!RP of DOOM (and cookies!)

Star Wars Crack RPG
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You have stumbled upon omg_lightsaber, the crack RP for Star Wars.

THIS STORY Will take place in the middle of Episodes 2 and 3. We had thought about making some random plothole interdimensional room and shoving all of the characters in there, but that would get so confusing that not even crack could fix it. So. We have decided that this RP would use the characters from Episodes 2 and 3. (You can apply for characters from Clone Wars-era EU, just make sure that they're alive somewhere in there.) The original premise consisted of some evil cloning plot by the Kaminoans, but since then, it's been warped into some strange parallel universe sort of thing...except that the IC characters are the ones winding up in the OOC universe (because there's a lot more OOC than IC).

HOW THINGS WORK: Depending on the role of your character in the universe, you will have different things to react to in character. If you want to keep tabs on the shadowy dealings of the Sith and Dark Jedi, you may want to turn your eye towards ancient_enemy. If reading the holonet news feed is more your style, you'll want to watch holonet_news. For Council meetings and other official Jedi business, friend councilchambers. It is through those journals that your mod (and occasionally other veteran players) will affect the world around your characters.

Jedi will be sent on missions that best take advantage of their skills. Many of the missions are risky in nature, and there is a chance that the Jedi will not survive. (Don't worry, there won't be indiscriminate killing. If you happen to have your number come up, you'll get a chance to do something uber-cool to escape death.)


1. This RP is AU. That's not-so-very-complicated-netspeak for 'This Role Play takes place in an Alternate Universe.' Okay, so not really. But the whole basis or a crack RP community is to make that the first rule. Many of the general rules of canon still apply, but most can be at least bent.

2. IC and OOC people rule the roost. IC = In character and OOC = Out of Character. Each character will have one of each. IE: There will be an IC!Obi-Wan and an OOC!Obi-Wan. The OOC version of a character is the complete OPPOSITE of how a character would normally be. These can be very fun, as you can make a character out to however you would like. You can turn Yoda into a British-speaking language instructor known for spreading STDs for all we care. Or you can follow the fanon stereotypes of a character (excessively angsty Anakin, weepy!uke!Obi-Wan, etc) if you like. It's all up to you.

3. Apply for your character in the current application post (which would be version 3), using the application form below the rules. Simple enough methinks. It should take you about two seconds, and that way I can know right off the bat that you've read the rules and that you're serious.

4. Two characters MAX per person. We have to set a limit somewhere. ^^; You may not have the IC and OOC of a character, though. Character limit has been suspended, but please, apply for one character at a time. Do NOT take on more than two characters unless you can be active with all of them; if you aren't active, they'll get taken away.

5. Check the character list (found below) to make sure your desired character is free.

6. Post in this post here with your information.

7. Make a journal for your character once you have been accepted, and join the community with that journal (you may also join with your regular journal, if you wish), then add the rest of the character journals to that journal's friendslist.

8. Activity: You must post at least once every two weeks. Absences will be excused as long as I know about them (it's like school, heh). If you don't post and I don't know where you are, I'll drop you a line in your regular journal, then remove you.

9. Absolutely no out-of-character drama. Also, as the mod, I have the right to retroactively remove things from the continuity...so if things implode, they'll disappear.

10. Have fun! ...obviously, right? If you don't have fun, you're fired.

11. Oh. This community is slash-friendly. Slash makes the world go round. If this concept squicks you, then by all means, don't kill us.

12. Rating: This RP contains explicit content not suited for those under the age of eighteen. Therefore, if you aren't eighteen, don't apply. All posts with explicit sexual content MUST be friends-locked.


1. Post in your journal.
2. Reply. (Yes, it really is that simple.)
3. LJ-cut entries marked as datapad entries are meant for that character's knowledge only, but also provide a useful insight for the other typists. Do not use information in those entries in-character.
4. Roleplaying is typically done in first-person, with actions in *asterisks*. Third-person will occasionally be used in entries, typically in italics.


Please fill out this little application of doom and post it as a comment on the application post. You can post it under your own journal name. Do not make a character journal until you are approved.

Your name:
IM info (AIM/MSN/Y!M):

A short post by your character:


IC!Obi-Wan Kenobi: obiwan_kaboozi
OOC!Qui-Gon Jinn: jediheretic
IC!Liam: wiiliam
IC!Drake Lo'gaan: drake_logaan
IC!Owen Kenobi: alainkenobi

IC!Ferus Olin: save_ferus
OOC!Anakin Skywalker: angsty_knight
IC!Qui-Gon Jinn: thelivingforce
IC!J.K. Burtola: jax_kaiden

OOC!Siri Tachi: knight_tachi
IC!Serra Keto: que_serra_serra

Aoife Sozhino: padawan_aoife
OOC!Chancellor Palpatine: notfromajedi

Wanted characters and adoption list: Anyone who isn't already taken. Go wild!

If you're wondering about the pairings found in the userinfo, they're pairings that have occurred at one point in time or another.

For more info, email or IM your friendly mod (sweet_panda) at sweetpandablues@yahoo.com.

(Rules written by sanestlunatic!)
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