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So, just a quick heads up.

After decades of awesome mod-ing and totally cool community building (that sounds very office-y), Megan passed on moderation of our beloved OMG_LS to me. I'd like to do some cleaning up of the userinfo and so on. So here's a brief list of changes I've made right now (very minor changes) and things I'd like to implement.

-I've taken a few characters out of the userinfo.

-I'd like to make an adoption list of existing journals from character's we've dropped.
-I'd like to resume the weekly summaries (this week: nothing happened)
-I'd like to enforce the at least once every two weeks posting thing (even though I'm just as guilty as everyone else. Heh.)

So, what I'd like from you guys (those of you who still read/post/update/etc) is:
1. A list of character journals for characters you have given up. I don't need the password, just the journal name.
2. A 'shout out' from those of you who are still interested in reading/posting/updating/etc.
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