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Hullo there, this is Becca reporting.

I've decided that to replace the angsty boy shaped void left by Ani, I'm taking on a similar character (yet not THE MAIN CHARACTER IN A SIX MOVIE SAGA WHO HAS TO BE RIGHT OR ELSE and therefore frustrating type).

Here is Drake Lo'gaan (which is the MOST Gary Stu name I've EVER HEARD and it amuses me) who is an emo punk at the moment.

He has just returned from an extended mission offworld, is tall, scrawny, and rarely behaves himself by dressing in robes.

Friend him, so that he may irritate the hell out of your characters with his constant insistence that his soul is the essense of thorns and his heart bleeds rosepetals.

Edit: He is turning 17 on the 15th of Dec, and is IC.
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