Crack Master Yoda (lilgreenfreak) wrote in omg_lightsaber,
Crack Master Yoda

Returned, we have

Hello all! This is sileri, former writer of:
  • lilgreenfreak - Crack Master Yoda (obviously OOC)
  • iluvdemocracy - IC!Palpatine
  • wheezygreevy - OOC!Greevy
  • deathtomeatbags - HK-47, IC IIRC. Even the canon's unclear on him
  • jedigonesane - IC!Depa Billaba

    I'm hereby requesting to rejoin the game. *bakes cookies for modly Megan*

    I'd love to take back Yoda and Palpatine if they haven't been replaced. Greevy's been away setting up the most evil bar in the galaxy, but he's ready to turn the lights off and get down to business. I don't know if Depa or HK would be needed. Depa's pretty catatonic, but HK's always willing to serve interested parties in need of a loyal and homicidal protocol droid.
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