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Jedi Liz

Character Dolls

So because I have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon but trawl through the intarwebz (well, actually, technically I do have something better, my Poli Sci paper, but ... *whistles innocently*), I happened to run across The Doll Factory, a beautiful site purveying dolls from all fandoms. Regrettably, female only.

Nevertheless I did manage to find some applicable to our characters and am putting them below for your character userinfo pleasure.

Mon looks just a little too dignified for me, but whatever. Why don't people understand that even she let her hair down on occasion?

Now that's better!

Aayla: *leers at Quin*

There were many hundreds of Padmes, though none from Episode III for some bizarre and disappointing reason. I'm using this one for OOC!Padme. I've put other examples below, though, so Amber can pick and choose.

With half of shirt.

Without half of shirt, for the viewing pleasure of the Anakins.

Nightie ... *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Lends that mysterious, camouflage-y look.

Because one nightie is never quite enough. *nods*

Come hither, Ani!

For all your "I hate sand" needs.

I see Barriss already has one of these, but this one is ... um ... bigger! Yeah, that's it. *sage nod*

Adi, however, doesn't. I figure she can look at this and dream of the day when she'll lose all her pregnancy weight.

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